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I love the Summer Reading Program!!! I read my first chapter book this summer :)
- Austin, Age 7
I read every day of the challenge! The incentives are great motivation :)
- Sedona, Age 15
The summer program motivated me to make the time to read for 15 minutes every day.
- Dara, Age 36
My sister and I always got very competitive but in the best way possible when the summer reading challenge began every summer. We would check out 20 books and once we got home we would read them on the sofa or on the dock. Once summer was over, Tyngsboro Public Library would host an ice cream social for everyone who participated. It was an event that brought parents and kids together and I remember clearly talking to other kids about their favorite books that they read over the summer. Doing this summer reading challenge again even though I'm older isn't just about the challenge but I truly enjoy reading and the experience that comes along with it - feeling like you know these characters personally and relating to them. The librarians at the Tyngsboro Library has always given me and my family good book recommendations since I was young and that definitely helped me get more into reading.
- Raquel, Age 19

This is the Libby app, which is what I used to read and join in on the reading!

Jenneh, Age 12

I liked the summer reading challenge so much that I fell in love with reading. I am a library lover. The summer challenge was so much fun. I liked all the things that were added into it, like the sticker board and the scavenger hunt. Thank you for letting us do this reading challenge!
- K, Age 6